I called out sick today for the first time in a really long time.  This illness that has been plaguing me over the last few days got so bad yesterday that I went to lie down on a couch in our staff room at work and promptly fell asleep, missing the beginning of my shift on the desk.  And that has never EVER happened before.

So today’s itinerary went like this:

  • Wake up with coughing fits several times in the early morning hours.  Gargle with warm salt water in the dark.
  • Sleep through my boyfriend’s alarm going off at 5:00 (I only learned about this later, when he told me that it had been going off but that I was dead to the world).
  • Wake up around 8:00, roll over in bed, and send an email to my colleagues from my iPod explaining that I’m going to be out sick today.
  • Get out of bed an hour later, feed the cat, and have coffee and English muffins, followed by an herbal tea.
  • Check email.
  • Go back to bed.
  • Wake up at 2:30 in the afternoon because the cat is walking on me and poking me in the head.
  • Microwave one of the portions of soup that we’ve been taking out of the freezer while I’ve been sick.  Then proceed to share that soup with the cat (note: this was not a matter of choice).
  • Go back to bed for another hour.
  • Get up and go back online.
  • Have some more coffee, then some more herbal tea.
  • Listen to podcasts, check my email, and download some games that I’ll play when I’m feeling better (or at least when the fog in my head clears).
  • Have some soup that my Honey brought home from Whole Foods (Thanks, Honey!)  Share this with the cat, since he has a very short memory and seems to think he hasn’t eaten all day.
  • Lie down again.

So the plan is that I’ll be back at work over the next few days, including some school outreach on Thursday.  That’s going to be a tough day, but hopefully all the healing I did today will help me be strong enough to deal with several classes of 7th graders.  If they get rowdy, I definitely won’t be able to raise my voice to make myself heard over them.  I guess I’ll just have to practice my icy glare and hope that works.