At first I thought I’d developed a sore throat because I’d over-extended my voice several times this week.  First, I had a couple of class visits at one of my local schools, and I was doing a lot more talking than usual.  And some of those classes were on the rowdier side, so I had to raise my voice more than usual.  Plus, on Friday night I went to a YA literature discussion group which was held in a pub that had music playing, so we all had to talk louder to make ourselves heard around the table.

But then on Saturday morning I woke up and my head felt all clogged up, and then I realized that I probably caught something that’s making its way through my system.  And then I went to work on a short-staffed day, where everyone needed to cover the service desks for five hours.

So now I’m enjoying a hot drinks / hot soup / soft food diet, I’m using lozenges and sore throat spray, I’m gargling with salt water, and I’m running my humidifier overnight.  Monday morning I have to speak at a staff presentation, and Thursday morning I have several more classes at that same school.