Here were some highlights of the craziness today:

I received an email from my manager this afternoon asking me to adjust the signage in the nonfiction section, since a patron complained that the sign at the end of the aisle for travel books had an arrow that was facing the wrong direction.  Apparently, she made vocal complaints because a) she was leaving for Italy TOMORROW and we didn’t have any Italian travel books on the shelf (way to plan ahead, Lady!) and b) the sign for the travel books was pointing in the wrong direction.  I walked over to the section later to check out the sign and … well, it turns out that the arrow is pointing in the right direction after all.  What the hell?????

A library patron who objected to our security guard asking him to turn down the volume on his laptop later threatened her.  Fists were raised, threats were made, a racial epithet was used, the police were called.  Oh, and my four hours on the desk turned into five because my manager couldn’t relieve me since she was dealing with the police.

After work I stopped home for a few minutes to drop off my work stuff and pick up food / books / DVDs so that I could make my weekly visit to my mother’s place.  Which I usually wouldn’t do on a Saturday night, but my boyfriend and I are going to the Medieval Festival in Fort Tryon Park tomorrow so I had to adjust my schedule.  After I left my mother’s place and walked to the bus stop, I heard the sound of a girl yelling.  It turns out that a bunch of women and girls were sitting at the bus stop, and a teenage girl was yelling her head off about something or someone who had upset her.  I stood there for about five minutes waiting for the bus to arrive, and during that time she was so loud and so crazy and used so many curse words that I silently vowed NOT to ride the bus with her, even if that meant getting home later than I’d planned.  She was freaking me out that much.  Finally the bus showed up and … okay, this was weird … she basically asked the driver to let her and her group on for free, which apparently he had done in the past.  I mean, that’s how I understood it when he replied that he couldn’t let them on for free tonight because he was driving a new bus with cameras on it.  So then she went back to the bus stop to … I don’t know?  Wait around and ask every driver who pulled up for some charity?

So anyway, then we were on the bus, heading for home.  And about ten minutes later I heard the driver arguing with someone through the door that he couldn’t open the door because he wasn’t actually at the bus stop yet.  Then at the next block he pulled up at the bus stop, at which point I heard him explaining the situation to the same guy.  The guy who, apparently, was drunker than I have ever been in my life (I always threw up long before I ever got to this point).  First the conversation was weird because he was slurring his words and insulting the bus driver.  Then it got weirder because he recognized someone on the bus!  So his conversation went from that dirty razzin-frazzin … to OH MY GOD!  MARIA!  I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S YOU!  I’VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!  And then poor Maria got to talk with him for what was probably twenty of the longest minutes of her life.  Over the course of those twenty minutes, even though I had my iPod cranked up to try to drown him out, he talked so loudly that I learned the names of her friends and family members, how long they worked together, where he was working now, and just how much he really really really loved her.

And then I came home to have dinner, watch some classic Star Trek episodes on Netflix, and talk to my boyfriend about my screwy day.