Once again, I got a Saturday free day followed by a Monday free day, so I had a 3-day weekend with a lot of time to fill.

I spent most of my time watching season 5 of Castle — that is, 5 discs worth of laughing, crying, and feeling romantic.  Oh, yes.  And crime-solving, too.  Much like NCIS, this is a series that caught my attention only after it had been on the air for several years and entered syndication.  In both cases, I started watching it for the crime-solving but then became involved in the character development.  Which is why I stopped watching episodes on cable and now I just catch up with each season as they come out on DVD.  And which is also why, if I ever met Nathan Fillion or Mark Harmon in person, I’d be weak in the knees.

Most of my food preparation over the last several days has been basic at best, sticking to stuff that I could heat up in the microwave or toaster oven.  But then today I made turkey chili, which was the most labor-intensive thing I’ve made in at least a week.  And the best thing about chili is that it makes a lot of leftovers, so we’ll have lots of portions to fill our fridge and freezer for awhile.

I’m also partway through a new YA book.  It’s exciting, it’s about vampires, and it has one of the most eye-catching covers I’ve seen in a while:

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown cover

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black is a great page-turner.  In fact, I’m going to go read some more of it right now!

Then after that I’ll … I dunno.  Watch more TV?  Play some more Plants vs. Zombies 2?