Earlier today, one of my colleagues was checking out material for a 50-ish female patron at the service desk.  The patron was rummaging through her purse looking for her library card, and as she was pulling things out of her purse, out came … well, my colleague referred to it as a “dime bag.”  Which took me a moment to process, because I don’t think I’ve seen drugs in … uhm … “bag” form since I was in grammar school and a nice policeman visited our class to talk to us about the dangers of drugs.  So, wait.  A “dime bag” means pot, right?  I was simultaneously entertained and confused by the reference, but I didn’t want to admit that while I understood that a bag of drugs fell on the counter I’m so tragically unhip that I didn’t know if she was talking about pot or cocaine.  Can one of you please enlighten me, Dear Readers?

Also, I’m doing some prep work for a meeting later this week, and part of our assignment is to check out some online readers’ advisory services.  I already get email alerts from Bookish and I do have a Goodreads account (which I REALLY need to update).  I also get email newsletters from NPR and Publisher’s Weekly.  But we’re also looking at sites like LibraryThing, Whichbook, Hunch, BookPsychic, etc.  Does anyone have any favorites?  And more importantly, why do you like them?