Here are a few of the things that have made me happy and/or entertained me recently:

Looking at my vacation pictures.

Bonding with the cat on my free day.

Reading Slated by Teri Terry, a cool YA novel that weaves questions of identity into a compelling story of a possible future.  Plus it has a suuuuuper-cool cover!


Seeing The Glass Menagerie on Broadway.  Okay, I hear your objections.  I hear you asking, “Wait a minute — didn’t you say that the play made you CRY, ya big wuss?”  Well, yes, it did make me cry, thanks for asking.  But the story was so simple, and so beautiful, and so goddamned poignant that it made me happy to see it.  Even if it did make me cry, and even if I needed to go to the Shake Shack afterwards to get a chocolate shake to help knit my soul back together.

Answering patron questions at the library that take an entertaining twist.  Today, I raised an eyebrow when a patron asked me to help him find a book called “Fatso.”  It turns out that the book he wanted was published in the 1980’s by an author who died recently, and according to the prices on is quite the collector’s item now.  But it was the book’s subtitle that really made my day:


Sadly, I wasn’t able to get him a copy because it appears to be long out of print.  When I came home I asked my boyfriend if he’d heard of the book or the author, and he reminded me that this guy used to appear on the Letterman show a lot back in the day.  I looked him up online, and it turns out that he was on several late night shows including Late Night With David Letterman and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, too!  Watching those videos made me all nostalgic for people who were good storytellers on late-night shows … which also made me happy.