Our air conditioning at the branch was in the process of being fixed over the course of several days.  It’s mostly working now, except in our offices, which means we might be just a trifle grouchier than usual rather than INSANELY grouchy like we were before.

We had An Incident with a problem patron at the branch today, which was bad enough that the police were called.  We wondered why our security people weren’t getting back to us, but it turns out that they were dealing with A Devastatingly Bad Incident elsewhere in the system that made our Incident seem like small potatoes by comparison.  And thus we gained an important sense of perspective about just how bad things can really be.

Tonight I’m going to be recording a podcast about a hilariously bad movie.  Tomorrow night we’re going to see a performance of The Glass Menagerie on Broadway, during which I expect I’ll be crying my eyes out.  And so it goes.

Oh, and one of my emails from Nerdist alerted me to a music video of insane proportions.  I’m not sure if I should be laughing at it or staring at it in bewilderment in the vein of Confuse-A-Cat.  In either case, I think my brain is now officially scrambled.