Yesterday I went through all the pictures on my “big” camera that I’d taken in Maine, and whittled them down from fifteen-hundred-and-something to eight-hundred-and-something.  It turns out that when you’re trying to take pictures of seals swimming in the ocean or of birds flying overhead, you’ll wind up with lots of pictures of empty water and empty sky!  Then I downloaded the pictures to my computer, and started the process of picking out which ones are going to go up on Flickr.  That part of the process is still ongoing.

This morning my boyfriend and I each had some family errands to take care of, and then we went out to Brooklyn to enjoy Smorgasburg in its DUMBO location where it’s held on Sundays.  We have very little to show for it now, because while we did make a lot of purchases we ate most of them mere seconds after money exchanged hands.  Pictures to follow … at some point.  Let me get through these Maine pictures first!

This afternoon I caught up on some stuff online, I played the newest chapter (the epilogue) in the cool and puzzling game The Room, and now I’m going to read a book for a while.  Which might sound impressive unless you knew just how long it had been sitting on my desk and how many times I’d renewed it.  Honestly, it’s embarassing.

Tomorrow we’ll mostly be staying at home.  My boyfriend needs to catch up on administrative stuff for school, and I need to work on uploading those pictures to Flickr …