We’d been here a week and, dammit, we hadn’t tried swimming in the salt water pool yet. So I’m spending my last afternoon swimming and relaxing next to the pool.

In case you’re wondering what it’s like swimming in a salt water pool, I didn’t notice any extra buoyancy in the water but I think it helped the itching of my many bug bites.

On the list of lovely things in Maine, I can recommend amazing natural vistas and delightful ice cream with a high butterfat content. But on the list of bad things about Maine, I must mention the bugs. There are many of them here, and quite a few mosquitos and black flies have caused me some damage. Either I’m a threat or I’m delicious, take your pick.

Well, tomorrow we’ll be on the road for most of the day, and then Sunday I’ll be going out to the movies and then recording a podcast to discuss those movies. But some time next week in between catching up on stuff around the house I can make a full report about what we did (and saw, and ate) on our vacation.