Yesterday was productive in some very different ways. In the morning, we took a bus tour of Acadia National Park, including this scenic stop on Cadillac Mountain. We’re definitely going back there later during the week to visit lots of stuff we only got to see through the bus windows.

Then we came back to Bar Harbor and we went to Testa’s Restaurant where I ate my very first whole lobster. I mean, I learned how to eat a lobster for the very first time, and I even got a certificate that says I’m now an expert at it!

To be fair, the guy who gave me the certificate didn’t see the part where I was having so much trouble pulling off one of the legs that my hand hit the plate, knocking over the melted butter which then spilled all over the table. But, whatever. I’m not giving the certificate back.

Today we’re going to be doing some driving to different parts of Mt. Desert Island. We’re going to the Oceanarium first, and then we’ll go do some more eating and exploring.