After spending more than half the day on the road, we finally arrived in Maine late this afternoon. So far, this state has been giving me mixed messages.

There are lots of signs around advertising local products like lobster, blueberries, and … fireworks? And then there’s the whole “welcome to vacationland” thing. But then, we’ve been here less than a day, and we’ve been clobbered with more rules than any other state I’ve ever been in.

We’ve seen signs telling us that out-of-state firewood is prohibited. That digging through garbage cans is prohibited. That people have to remove plant life from their boats. And that we should watch out for moose on the roadways.

Anyway, our room is lovely, and our balcony has an ocean view, as promised. Tomorrow we’re taking a boat tour, Monday we’re taking a bus tour of Acadia Park, and the rest of the week is falling into place.