As we’re getting ready to go on vacation, I’m looking around for bits and pieces of things that I was thinking of sharing over the last week.

I had a cute moment with the cat the other day when he seized the opportunity to go exploring in the hallways when I came home.  Here’s a picture of him continuing to explore, even while I’m following him back up the stairs:

Kitty Exploring the Stairs

A book that arrived in the bins yesterday was both entertaining and confusing:

Lets Meet a Librarian

And my reaction went from “Oh, how cute!” to “Wait … is that a tall kid or a short adult?” and “In either case, it’s a little weird to stick your head out through a bookcase, right?”  Well, upon opening the book, I learned that yes, the guy sticking his head through the bookcase IS the librarian, and he wears that expression a lot.  But it’s not until you start reading that you learn about his unique fashion sense:

A Friendly School Librarian

I showed this picture to one of our Information Assistants, who remarked that his outfit did not inspire confidence.

Anyway, he has access to lots of information, he plays cool music, he’s really smart, etc.  You get the idea.

So now we’re busy packing and straightening up the apartment.  My boyfriend’s daughter will be cat-sitting while we’re away, so we’re making the place presentable before we leave.

Updates to come, possibly from Maine if the hotel’s wi-fi is in order, otherwise I’ll post when we get back.