I’m a fan of scenic detours, and I got to take one earlier this week when I went to a meeting that was being held at Bronx Community College.  So instead of going straight to my branch in the morning, I went to get the bus near St. Nicholas of Tolentine Church:

St Nicholas of Tolentine Church

and then I made my way over to the college.  Here’s a shot I took while standing in front of the Francis Martin library across the street (hence, the flag):

Across the Street From BCC

I also saw lots of poofy clouds this week, which is a very good thing since I am a poofy cloud enthusiast.  I saw a lot this weekend when I was walking back from my mother’s place, including these over Riverdale:

Poofy Clouds Over Riverdale

these behind the hare and the tortoise of Aesop’s Bench:

Leaping Hare at Aesops Bench

and this gigantic one hovering over the Van Cortlandt Mansion:

Enormous Cloud Over the Van Cortlandt Mansion

The latest episode of the hilariously horrific podcast Welcome to Night Vale has a great episode up right now called “Summer Reading Program.”  You’d be surprised how much blood, screaming, and mayhem there is at the library!  Or then again, maybe you wouldn’t.

I had a great food shopping expedition at the Chelsea Market, and if that wasn’t one of my favorite places to shop in New York before, it definitely is now!  My combined lunch/dinner shopping included fried chicken, biscuits, and chicken curry dumplings from Hybird, a meatball sandwich from Num Pang, and some adorable and tasty little donuts from Doughnuttery:

Chelsea Market Shopping Spree

I’ve just discovered that the town where we’ll be staying in Maine is home to one of the best ice cream shops in the country!  Woo-Hoo!!!

And finally, my signed copy of the “chooseable-path adventure” To Be or Not to Be by Ryan North was just delivered this weekend!

To Be Or Not to Be Cover

This was my reward for supporting the project on Kickstarter, and I’m very impressed by the finished product.  It’s a huge book featuring lots of artwork by amazing authors, as well as lots and LOTS of creative, entertaining, and ridiculous choices:

A Few of Your Choices

Okay, I know what you’re asking.  That book sounds SO cool!  Can I get a copy, even though the Kickstarter campaign already came and went?  Well, yes, you can!  It’s officially coming out at the end of August, and you can pre-order a copy on!


I went downtown to have a conversation with my building management company that left me unsatisfied and (apparently) staying in the same apartment for another year.  Pfffffft.

You know that puffin-themed boat tour I said we were going to take in Maine?  Well, apparently, puffin season is ending earlier than they expected, so we’re just going to have to take a general nature tour instead.

The Yeah It’s That Bad movie-review podcast has suddenly ended for as-yet-unknown reasons 😦  And bad movie buffs everywhere go into mourning …


I’d heard enough recommendations of Pacific Rim that I decided to go see it in the theater.  While it was fun in a “Godzilla vs. the monster of the week” kind of way, there was so much sensory overload in that film that my head was ringing two hours later.

Monster in the Rain

If you like monsters, robots, fistfights, rain, more rain, still more rain, and Idris Elba yelling at people, then you’ll enjoy this movie.  Just don’t see it in IMAX or else your head might explode.