I saw a good old movie tonight, and I’m already writing the blog post in my head so I can tell you all about it.  Here’s a hint:

Mystery Movie 1

But wait!  There was a bad old movie I wanted to tell you about first!  Here’s a hint:

Mystery Movie 2

So now I’ve got two different movie posts percolating in my brain.  Meanwhile …

We had several discussions today at work about creepy library patrons.  One was about an annoying guy we’ve been dealing with for (literally) a decade, who ratcheted up his annoyance level recently by asking one of my colleagues to look up a picture for him which turned out to be of a pornographic nature.  [BTW, he asked me for help looking something up for him this afternoon, and he did not find me to be a receptive audience].  The other discussion was about a man who was hanging out in the children’s room this morning, who was paying an inordinate amount of attention to one of my colleagues.  Like, paying creepy staring attention and possibly even photographing her.

In related news, I got two interesting messages in my email this morning.  One was a workshop offered through ALA about dealing with problem patrons, and one was from my boyfriend about The Creepy World of Abandoned Asylums.


And speaking of creepy patrons, I have a few things to say to the patron who thought that this was an appropriate way to return a library book:

Bobby Pin Bookmarks

  • Bobby pins are not bookmarks.
  • What, were you raised by wolves?
  • I don’t want your germs.
  • Or your dandruff.
  • Or your hair care products.
  • Or anything else that’s been in your hair lately.
  • You know, it’s one thing to suspect that our library books are crawling with other people’s germs, but another thing to have visible confirmation of that.
  • And finally … UGH, GROSS!!!