For a while our vacation plans were up in the air, because I wasn’t sure if my building management company was going to get back to me about whether or not there was a larger apartment available in our building.  Well, they STILL didn’t get back to me about that, but I’m not going to let that stop me from leaving town for a week in August.

My boyfriend and I both wanted to go somewhere on the east coast that would be accessible by car.  I picked Maine because we’d previously talked about visiting Acadia National Park.  At first I was looking for a big city where we could stay, but it turns out that Bangor is over an hour away so we’ll be staying in scenic Bar Harbor instead, at the lovely Atlantic Oceanside Hotel.  We’ll be going on at least one bus tour and at least one boat tour (including one featuring puffins!  EEEEEEEEEK!)  Anyway, most of the week will be of the beautiful and quiet variety, but if we get bored we can always drive for an hour and explore Bangor for a day or two.

Honestly, though, Acadia National Park is so frigging huge that we could spend a whole week just exploring it.  I spent a lot of time today reading about the park and puzzling over some of its rules — like if I bring a gun with me they’ll check to see if I have the right permits and then let me through, but if I bring firewood with me they might tackle me to the ground because the state of Maine has banned all out-of-state firewood to protect their trees from our pesky insects.  Weird!

And then at the end of each day we can have dinner at our hotel or somewhere in Bar Harbor, where I can have something lobster-themed and my boyfriend can ask me how good it is.  He’s allergic to shellfish, you see, so any of his lobster appreciation can only happen vicariously through me.

Anyway, this looks like it’s going to be a nice getaway for us.  If you have any suggestions for things to see and do in the great state of Maine, please let me know because this will be our first visit!