I haven’t been walking home from work because it’s been too damned hot out, but even walking to and from the bus makes me feel like I’m going to die.  And coming into the library to cool off is of limited value, since everyone in the neighborhood has the same idea at the same time.  This afternoon we watched the temperature climb up to over 80 degrees in the branch.  Granted, it was around 95 degrees outside, so the gruesomeness was relative, but still …

So here is the larger question.  How am I going to spend my free day tomorrow?  I want to go downtown and see a movie, but that would involve getting dressed, leaving my air-conditioned apartment, and standing around on subway platforms in order to get downtown.  I *need* to do laundry (because now I’m sweating through my clothes every day), but THAT would involve getting dressed, leaving my air-conditioned apartment, and lugging laundry bags to and from a room that’s equivalent to one of the hottest and steamiest circles of hell.

OR … I could decide not to leave the apartment at all, and just spend the day in my nightgown watching movies and TV shows on Netflix with the cat.

Hmmmmmmm.  That proposition is looking enticing, indeed.  And hey, I have a bottle of Woolite and a bathroom sink, so perhaps the day wouldn’t be a total loss.

I think I’ll take another shower, and sleep on it.

ETA: Yeah, I ended up picking the Netflix and Woolite option.  It was the best choice for me to maintain some level of productivity while still maintaining my sanity.