What’s the difference between a tornado, a waterspout, and a hurricane?

How long can sharks live when they’re out of the water?  How about if they’re pulled out of the water by a tornado?

How effective are chainsaws against sharks?

How about pump-action shotguns?

How many hot chicks does it take to make a movie about sharks and tornadoes?

How many Ian Zierings does it take to make this movie?  Or, perhaps a better question — WHY Ian Ziering at all?

Why are this many young hot chicks into Ian Ziering?

Is it possible that Tara Reid is getting WORSE as an actress?

Wait … somebody wrote this movie?  Somebody wrote this dialogue?

Ugh!  Do you realize that these special effects make Birdemic look deeply nuanced?

Just how many Jaws references can you squeeze into a modern shark movie?

Of all the sharks in all the world, you had to be inside this one!  Wait … WHAT?????

And finally, what the hell kind of a tagline is “Enough Said”?


Final verdict: Wow, Sharknado is a frigging hoot.  Go watch it and get ready to laugh … and get ready to have your brain scrambled!  Check out the trailer for a taste of the action!