Over the last several days of my vacation I’ve done the following things:

I washed four loads of laundry.

I saw my primary care doctor (who referred me to a dermatologist I’m going to see next week) and my eye doctor (who prescribed the new glasses with progressive lenses I’ll be picking up next week).

I watched most of the 3rd season of Castle.  Woo-Hoo!  Things are heating up!

I made one dinner (Korean Braised Short Ribs).

I bought several dinners (from Shake Shack and The Barbecue Pit).

I went to a movie screening (courtesy of a Friend With Connections) of a sexy film that was RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES called The Look of Love.  I spent most of my time watching this film thinking “Am I supposed to feel bad for this guy?” and “Wow, this guy is kind of a dick!” and “OMG, these people are really, really, REALLY naked!”

I walked around Times Square after the film screening taking pictures of the crowds and the signs all lit up at night.

I went to see After Earth because I heard it was bad and The Purge because I heard it was good.  After Earth wasn’t bad in a funny way, but rather a film with great potential that was often bad in a disappointing way.  It looked gorgeous and the special effects were excellent, but it was impossible to get past the idea of Jaden Smith in a leading role that was way above his acting talents.  And The Purge was a very good and chilling story with lots of shocking scares.  I loved the concept of the story as part dystopian fantasy, part morality tale.  I will also say that this film strongly reinforced my long-standing fear of dolls and clowns.  *shudder*

I visited Roosevelt Island.  My main goal was to visit the new FDR Four Freedoms Park (and to finally visit the nearby Renwick Ruin), but I also ended up walking back and forth the entire length of the island along the waterfront.  FYI, in case you visit and are thinking about seeing the lighthouse at the other end of the island, you might want to reschedule that part of your visit.  Because as I discovered after walking the two miles to get there … that tip of the island is still fenced off because of some post-Hurricane Sandy damage to the paths leading up to the lighthouse 😦

Over the next few days, I’m going to see Monsters University and World War Z, bake a dessert or two, go shopping at Chelsea Market, stop by work to check out and drop off stuff (and share some of those Chelsea Market goodies!), and participate in a discussion about World War Z.

Pictures to follow soon!