Saturday I went to work, where we still had lots of computer issues because of the flood we’d had in our computer room the day before.  So on the one hand, it was quiet because the patrons couldn’t make computer appointments, so quiet that I was half-expecting to see tumbleweeds blowing by.  But then the silence kept being broken by the various alarms that were intermittently going off all day, presumably because of our wet (and possibly smoking) electrical equipment.  So THAT was exciting.

Then after work, my boyfriend picked me up and we drove to Elmsford to the Westchester Broadway Theatre to enjoy one of my birthday presents.  He’d bought us tickets to see their production of Guys and Dolls, which was a lot of fun.  Well, to clarify, if I’m judging the whole experience I’d give the food a 6/10 and the show an 8.5/10.  I hadn’t been there in several years, and I dimly remembered having a similar experience the last time.  I will say that the IDEA of the place is really cool.  The theater is set up with rows of chairs and tables surrounding the stage on three sides, and because the rows are set up in tiers, every seat is a good one.  Here was the view from our seats when we first got in:

Westchester Broadway Theatre

Yes, that’s a fire hydrant at the front of the stage.  Or a “Johnny Pump” as my boyfriend referred to it, apparently because he grew up in the 19th century.

Another thing that I observed about the theater was that there were a LOT of things to buy here.  I mean, while we were waiting to go in I looked at the gift shop, where you could buy jewelry, scarves, shawls, and hats (???)  Then while we waited for the show to begin, we were offered a boatload of “extra” menu item that were not included with the ticket price, including specialty desserts and drinks.  These were both on the menu itself and on the giant screens that surrounded us:

WBT Drink Specials

Then they sold raffle tickets to benefit the theater’s outreach programs (which I actually supported, but that was another five bucks).  Oh, and my favorite photo op is one that I missed: when I went to use the restroom during the intermission, the feminine hygiene products machine had a sign on it saying that if you needed feminine hygiene products they were available in the gift shop.  Well, I didn’t take a picture of that sign because the restroom was so crowded, but it did make me laugh.  When I went back to my seat I told my boyfriend about it, and we were joking about how embarassing it would be to have to do that in the lobby in front of so many other people.  I mean, it’s embarassing enough to put quarters into that machine in front of a couple of women you don’t know.  But in front of everyone in the lobby???

Of course, you could always try to disguise your purchase by hiding it among a bunch of other stuff:  “Yes, please, could I have a pin, a scarf, one of these hats, and [quietly] a maxi-pad … with wings?”  And presumably it would be more expensive that buying it in the restroom, right?  I mean, they probably wouldn’t sell you a SINGLE tampon at a gift shop!

Anyway, the show was really good and the food was … passable.  Always remember that if the prime rib you order is going to be brought to your table within ten minutes, it’s not going to be an excellent prime rib.  But the food was filling, and the chairs were definitely more comfortable than those in most Broadway theaters.

Then on Sunday, my boyfriend drove me over for my weekly visit to my mother’s place, where there was no emotional overload this time (thank God).  Then we went out for another walk, this time in Tibbetts Brook Park.  40 minutes of our walk was at “brisk” speed — which on its own covered my daily steps goal — but before and after the brisk portion of our walk we ambled along at normal speed.  The weather was lovely, and the scenery was gorgeous.  Oh, and we saw lots of ducks, swans, and geese swimming around:

Swimming Geese in Tibbets Brook Park

Then after our walk, we ate at a restaurant in Riverdale I’ve been meaning to visit for months, but I’ve never been in the neighborhood when it was open.  It’s called The Barbecue Pit, and our lunch there was EXCELLENT.  We shared a honey barbecue pork empanada, and then my boyfriend had the barbecue pork rib tip sandwich and I had the roast pork and coleslaw po’ boy.  Delicious!

After we got home I went online and entered in my steps and activities and saw that I was several thousand steps over my daily goal.  So then I took a quick shower and proceeded to take a nap for several hours.  Which explains why I’m still awake NOW, and why I have the energy to write about my weekend.

Okay, I’m finally starting to wind down.  I’ll be going to bed, eventually …