In the morning I had my monthly visit to the chiropractor, which was supposed to be immediately followed by a trip to the upper east side to get my hair cut and go shopping.  Unfortunately, I walked out of the chiropractor’s office just in time to see the express bus go sailing by, so I had to kill half an hour until the next one was leaving.  I went to get some pizza, caught the next bus, and went shopping at Kiehl’s and Coldwater Creek and got my semi-annual haircut at Supercuts.

Afterwards, I originally planned to buy dinner at Shake Shack or perhaps at Eli’s Manhattan, but I was so frigging drenched by that point that when I saw another dinner option that was closer — Grace’s Marketplace — I went there instead to buy some really lovely pre-made food for us.  I got dumplings and sushi for me, lamb stew with mashed potatoes for my boyfriend, AND a berry napoleon to share for dessert.  I walked out of Grace’s Marketplace to see … you guessed it … the express bus go sailing by.  So then I had another half hour of standing around in the rain.  When the bus finally showed up, it took a very different route made up mostly of local streets instead of the usual highway route, I’m guessing because part of the highway was flooded?

Then I got home, checked my email, and discovered that there had been a flood in an electrical room of my library!  The last I heard, some of our PC internet connections were down, our wireless system was down, and our phone system had just come back on.  So tomorrow might be a very strange day, or perhaps a very quiet day at the library.  It all depends on how our patrons react to not having their needs met — will they be understanding, or will they yell at us to express their disappointment?

We shall see.

Well, if I can see a silver lining behind this tropical storm, it might just be that I can get some reading done tomorrow!