The good news is that I completed my 8000 steps per day goal before 3pm, thanks to trips to the farmers market, Rite Aid, and my mother’s place … followed by an exhausting 6-mile walk home from my mother’s place. The bad news is that my lower back, my right knee, and my left calf are all achy and out of sorts. Which explains why I am sharing this update while reclining in an epsom salt bath. Believe me, Dear Readers, that’s not as sexy as it sounds.

What’s that? You say that doesn’t sound sexy at all? Well … never mind, then.

I would just like to add that my greatest act of self-discipline today was NOT walking home from my mother’s place while watching bus after bus pass me by. My greatest act of self-discipline today was that when I stopped at my favorite coffee shop on my way home and saw that they were selling slices of a “root beer float” cake (a chocolate cake with root beer in the cake AND in the ganache frosting), I did not buy two pieces for my boyfriend and me to have for dessert tonight.

No, Dear Readers. In fact, I only bought ONE piece, WHICH WE WILL SHARE!!!