First off, I’d like to say for the record that I wish every week was scheduled like this week.  Because of the holiday weekend, almost every staff member has been in every day, which means I’ve had to work at the service desks 2-3 hours each day instead of 4-5 hours each day, which has made a world of difference in my ability to catch up on my behind-the-scenes tasks.  For example, over the last two days I’ve created a blog post out of the book and DVD reviews I’ve received from my Teen Advisory Group members over the last several months.  I’ll be posting it on my work blog at some point next week.  This is a project that I usually do only two or three times a year, and it usually takes FOREVER for me to do it.  It’s a very satisfying feeling to tie up the loose ends from an old project (TAG) before I move on to a new project (preparing for the Summer Reading Club).

I recorded a short podcast about a really good book and a long podcast about a ridiculously bad movie.  The short podcast is up now, and the longer one will be up at some point in June.

I’ve been walking up a storm lately, so far exceeding my goal of 8,000 steps per day.  Today I exceeded it by more than I expected, but I think that might have had to do with the fact that I was staggering home in my sandals at the end of the day.  Does staggering count as extra steps???  From now on, I’m going to wear walking shoes to and from work and then change into nicer sandals at work.

I had recently finished updating some pictures on my Flickr account when I discovered that Flickr has just updated its look.  On the plus side, it’s easier to see the pictures right away, but on the minus side, your recent photo sets are no longer highlighted on the main page.  Here’s the Flickr page of one of my favorite New York photographers, to show you what I mean.  I still can’t decide if I like the changes or not.

Did you know that The Glass Menagerie is coming back to Broadway?  Well, it is!  I just bought us tickets this morning; we’ll be going during the first week of previews.  I love that play to pieces — I read it years ago when I was in school, and I’ve seen it both as a theater production and as a movie.  I checked out the film version with Katharine Hepburn and Sam Waterston a few months ago, and it was frigging stupendous.  Anyway, let’s just say that I will be prepared to have a good long cry that night.

Tomorrow we’re going to be having a Very Big Program in the afternoon, which could be a blazing success or it could be an unmitigated disaster.  The Very Big Program will be taking place AFTER my video games program, which means that by the end of the day I’ll probably be completely wiped out.  Good times!