I just spent the last fifteen minutes singing and dancing along to ABBA’s iconic song “Fernando” while I was taking a shower.  Sadly, I couldn’t get credit for the dancing because I can’t wear my pedometer in the shower.

Perhaps I need to explain this small slice of my life.  Which part would you like me to explain first?

Oh, who am I kidding?  I know you want to hear about the ABBA song first.

Okay, so earlier today, I was having a conversation with D. about how one of the girls in my advisory group had complained to me back in the fall about how she’d just started going to an all-girls high school and how she was so depressed about it.  And I’d told her that *I* had attended an all-girls high school, and that there were several advantages to this kind of schooling.  As in, she would probably do better in school without as many distractions, and that she would probably form some of the best friendships of her life from that school.  But I also added that I DID date boys when I was in high school, both the boys I met when I worked at summer jobs and the boys I met in the martial arts class I took on Saturdays (and I added that a martial arts class was a great place to meet boys, because the dating odds were basically in your favor).

As I was telling D. this story, I added that my first kiss had been with a boy I met in my martial arts class, and that I’d gone to the prom with a boy I met in my martial arts class.  But the REST of the story (which I didn’t tell the girl from my advisory group and I didn’t mention to D.), was that my first kiss was from a boy named Fernando.  And that after it had happened I’d made the mistake of mentioning my affection for this boy to a girl in my class in school … who then proceeded to TELL THE REST OF THE CLASS ABOUT IT.  So, did I mention that this all took place in the early 1980’s?  When “Fernando” by ABBA was still a popular song?  Well, for the next several weeks, I found myself ambushed by various classmates who thought it would be HILARIOUS to start singing the chorus of “Fernando” to me in the classroom, in the schoolyard, on the street, or wherever would cause me the maximum amount of embarassment.  And to add insult to injury, I LOVED that frigging song!

So anyway, it was this conversation that put that song subconsciously back into my head for the first time in a long time.  Then several other things happened today that made the neurons in my brain fire faster (or differently) than usual:

I walked home from work instead of taking the bus (this ties into the pedometer thing).

We had an excellent steak dinner with some really good wine.

During the cooking of said dinner the smoke alarm went off, which almost gave me a frigging heart attack.

Before and during dinner we watched the last two episodes of Revolution, which had me jumping out of my seat.

So, on to the pedometer thing.  I’m part of a challenge at work right now involving keeping track of the number of steps we take each day, making many of us painfully aware of our all-too-sedentary lifestyles.  For the last several days I’ve been keeping track of how many steps I take both with a regular pedometer that clips on to my clothing (but which only seems to work well when clipped directly to my waistband) and with the CoreMobile app.  Which means that I have to keep reminding myself to carry my iPod Touch around with me everywhere in the apartment, even as I’m walking around getting ready for work or getting ready for bed.  But ironically, my most athletic activity of the day couldn’t be monitored by my pedometer.  And so it goes.

And now, because I know you’d like to have a dance party of your own, I present “Fernando” by ABBA!

Yes, it starts off slowly, but wait for the chorus.  You’ll see the dancing potential there.

[p.s. – While there are several responses that I COULD get to this post, there’s one in particular that I’m definitely expecting.  Wait for it … wait for it …]