Here is a collection of pictures that I’ve taken over the last month, in four out of the five boroughs of New York City (my apologies to Staten Island!)  Most of them are pictures that I took while walking through the Bronx and Manhattan, but there are also pictures from our recent Beer and Brewery Tour, plus a picture that I took outside The Bell House in Brooklyn last night while we were on line waiting to see a live recording of The Thrilling Adventure Hour!

Trees at the Northern End of Van Cortland Park

Cherry Blossoms in Riverdale

Dramatic Sky Seen From the Broadway Bridge

Tree in Silhouette

Sun Shining Through Trees in Isham Park

Stylish Brick Wall

Tax Cars Not People

Ornate Building Entrance

White Flowers Through a Fence

Looking Up W 218th Street

Dramatic Clouds over the Broadway Bridge

Under a cherry blossom tree

Unusual Hotel Sign in Brooklyn

Edward B Hittleman Brewery Bottling Department

Window at the Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Room

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

Orange Lights at Dusk Outside the Brooklyn Bell House