I managed to catch the early bus this morning, so I got to work early, which meant I had time to pick up a “cholesterol special” on my way in.  That’s a bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll, for those in the know.  I actually had time to eat it (well, most of it) before I had to start getting the branch ready to open, so THAT was positive.

And then it was time to open our doors to the public, and my day went downhill from there.

During my first two hours on the desk, the task I spent the most time doing was helping our local lawyer with the ongoing issues with his legal briefs.  How to attach files to emails.  How to rename files, and save them again, and save them again.  How to deal with “these weird error messages” that kept coming up.  Each time he’d walk over to the desk to try to describe the current problem, I’d listen to the question, realize that I couldn’t solve it without actually looking over his shoulder or sitting at his computer, and make the trip over to see what was wrong.  But it wasn’t until I went to answer the “weird error messages” question that I started feeling overhwelmed, both from the scope of the problem and from sheer exhaustion.  Because what I didn’t realize was that even though the guy had lots and LOTS of documents on his flash drive, apparently there was ONE document where he’d been saving EVERYTHING.

Did you know that there’s a limit to how big a Microsoft Word file can be before Microsoft Word just throws up its virtual hands in surrender and goes all kerflooey?  Well, apparently, if you have one document that’s THOUSANDS OF PAGES LONG, then that’s what happens.  And some of those thousands of pages were not important, but some of those pages were VITALLY important and COULD NOT BE LOST, and …

Yeah, so it was while I was in the middle of dealing with that problem that I decided that God must have been punishing me for stopping to get that bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich this morning.  On the plus side, though, I’m pretty sure that I burned off all those calories and more between all of the walking and all of the mental exertion.

Er … mental exertion burns off calories, right?

Other highlights of the day included:

  • Dealing with a group of loud teenagers who thought it would be a good idea to hang out, make lots of noise, and LIE DOWN ON TOP OF OUR TABLES.
  • Dealing with the teens in my games program who were so full of boundless energy that I had to keep reminding them to quiet down, to stop swearing, and stop fighting (but who, when it was their turn to play the games spent so much time fixating on which car they were going to drive in the racing game that it was like they were girls trying on prom dresses).
  • Talking to a guy from our facilities department who explained how our plumbing problems were due to our female patrons flushing their feminine hygiene products down our toilets.  He described the problem in such detail and used the phrase “feminine hygiene products” so many times that I started wondering if he thought that *I* was in some way behind the problem, as though I’d been secretly encouraging our female patrons to use our toilets for these purposes.
  • Learning that our male patrons can be gruesome, too (surprise!) and that Something Awful had transpired in the men’s bathroom today.  In fact, whatever happened was So Awful that my male colleagues saw fit to be chivalrous and protect me from the truth, solemnly intoning, “You don’t want to know” when I asked for details.  And you know what?  I think they had a point.  I really didn’t want to know.