Due to a need to burn off some of my accumulated comp time plus a couple of free days, I managed to get a four-day weekend.  And since my boyfriend was on his spring break from school, I actually managed to do productive things rather than just sitting around eating Doritos and watching TV.  So, over the last few days …

We went to the theater, specifically to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on Broadway.  It was very good but not excellent, and I think a lot of that had to do with the levels of expertise with the southern accents (which occasionally made it difficult to understand the dialogue).  While I can’t show you any pictures of the performance — because I follow the rules, unlike the jerk behind me who took pictures during the show and who was lucky that I didn’t stomp on his foot — I do have several other images that you might find entertaining.  The first was of one of the theater seats:

Snug Theater Seat

Now, I’ve had wide hips for most of my life, even when I was a skinny teenager.  But now that I’m … shall we say … NOT a skinny teenager anymore, I find it increasingly annoying to have to wrangle myself in and out of very narrow theater seats.  Especially when we have excellent aisle seats, which means we have to get up and down multiple times to let everyone else with thimble-sized bladders in and out of the aisle during each intermission.  And the other picture I thought was entertaining was this one from the front of the theater:

Glowing Review

Okay, Scarlett Johansson was good.  But for God’s sake, she wasn’t THAT good!  Anyway, these quotes seem to support my theory that the NYT reviewer is secretly in love with Ms. Johansson.

So that was Friday night.  Saturday we drove up to Westchester to do some more shopping at H Mart, had a lovely meal at the City Limits Diner, and enjoyed looking at lots of poofy clouds along the way.

Poofy Clouds

Sunday we both caught up on family-related chores, and then on Monday we had a long-overdue visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  We did a lot of walking around and exploring in different areas of the museum, including my beloved Temple of Dendur:

Temple of Dendur

Then on Tuesday we finally (FINALLY!) visited the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn.  That is a great place for learning about transit history and wandering around different types of train cars …

Old Train Cars

but the COOLEST part of exploring those train cars was looking at all of the old advertisements inside:

Imperial Whiskey Ad

It’s definitely a cool museum to visit, and you will definitely learn a lot and have a good time exploring.  Just watch your step to make sure you don’t trip over all of the junior explorers who are running around and learning, too.