We decided to revisit Brooklyn Bridge Park today, which BTW is a very good place to revisit because it’s a “park in progress,” and every time we’ve visited more of the park has been open.  My boyfriend decided to get to Brooklyn via the Triborough (RFK) Bridge, but this led to our first major detour as instead of staying in Brooklyn we accidentally got on the Williamsburg Bridge and ended up back in Manhattan.  Oops.

A Scenic Detour on the Williamsburg Bridge

Anyway, we wound up back in the right borough, but then had to vector back to the right neighborhood.  We made it back to the downtown area, parked the car, and then spent the next several hours walking, eating, and shopping.  Along the way, we wandered through Brooklyn Bridge Park, which has lovely views of the Manhattan skyline:

Manhattan Skyline From Brooklyn Bridge Park

We also got to see Jane’s Carousel, which is running again after its machinery was flooded during Hurricane Sandy:

Janes Carousel

We also did a lot of walking through Brooklyn Heights, where we saw a branch of the Brooklyn Public Library that has some lovely art deco next to the entrance of the building:


Brooklyn Heights Public Library

And towards the end of our trip we walked up and down Montague Street, which appears to be the most fancy part of this fancy neighborhood.  It’s so fancy, in fact, that if you want to stop and do some food shopping after you’re done shopping for everything else, you can stop at a Very Special branch of Key Food.  It’s not the Brooklyn Key Food.  It’s not even the Brooklyn Heights Key Food.

Key Food Montague

That’s right.  It’s the Key Food Montague, which has its very own website and a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge on its awning.  Because God forbid you do your food shopping at a REGULAR Key Food like the rest of the world.

Anyway, I took a LOT of pictures of buildings, food, dogs, ducks, and more.  I’ll be putting up a new set of photos on Flickr very soon.