I had originally scheduled today off because it was my boyfriend’s birthday and, since he ends up going in to work lots of Saturdays, I thought I could spend the day cooking something special for him.  You know, so that when he got home from work I could do a big “Ta-Da!  Happy birthday!  Have some brisket!” kind of thing.  Especially since he does most of the cooking since I’m usually too wiped out to cook after work.

But when I told him that I’d taken the day off, he decided that he wasn’t going to go into work, and that we should go out and do … SOMETHING instead.  We’re still not sure what the something will be, but the fun of New York City is that there are a lot of places to go for fresh air, entertainment, culture, and food.  My mind is ricocheting with ideas with each neighborhood we discuss … like if we went to Central Park, we could also go here and here, and if we went to Brooklyn Bridge Park, we could go here and here.  Brooklyn Bridge Park is looking like the main contender right now, in which case “here and here” would probably be Grimaldi’s and the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.  Well, hey, if we’re going to go walking, we should have some calories to burn off, right?

Hmmm.  According to their website, the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory’s location by the Brooklyn Bridge is still closed since Hurricane Sandy, but they DO have a Greenpoint location.  Hmmmmm.

Anyway, pictures to follow, probably, of wherever somewhere happens to be.

ETA: We went to Brooklyn, where we walked around Brooklyn Bridge Park, and DUMBO, and Brooklyn Heights.  We had pizza at Grimaldi’s and went chocolate shopping at the Jacques Torres chocolate shop (few things make my boyfriend happier than Peeps … except for chocolate-covered Peeps!)  I took a great many pictures (if you consider over 250 to be “a great many”), and my challenge now is to whittle them down to a reasonable number.  I am now officially wiped out from walking, and I’m going to go soak in an epsom salt bath for a while.