I know that I don’t post here as frequently as I should, but I keep coming up with ideas of stuff to write about, and then leaving posts in varying levels of completion.  I currently have four different blog posts saved in draft form, and this week I had an idea for a fifth topic I want to write about.  So you can all look forward to posts about Soviet sci-fi … or some of the more entertaining spam responses to my blog … or what it’s like to work with teenagers … or the future of library careers … or how I tested my love of bad movies by making myself watch a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad movie … or perhaps none of the above in case I get yet another idea that leapfrogs up to the front of the line.

Anyway, to get you caught up with some more stuff that’s been going on with me lately …

In addition to watching the bad movies that I love, I occasionally incorporate great movies into my viewing schedule, too.  Last night, my boyfriend and I watched Double Indemnity, which I haven’t seen in several years but which I love to pieces.  It’s so cool!  So dramatic!  So NOIR!  No, seriously, was this film sponsored by the venetian blinds council?  And I love the dialogue to pieces, even though the script is filled with lines that no one would ever say.

Double Indemnity

That’s a honey of an anklet you’re wearing, Mrs. Dietrichson.

I’ve also been catching up on a bunch of reading lately:

My Year of Flops: The A.V. Club Presents One Man’s Journey Deep Into the Heart of Cinematic Failure by Nathan Rabin (My list of bad movies I now need to see is growing by leaps and bounds.  This is a very dangerous thing.)

The New York Grimpendium: A Guide to Macabre and Ghastly Sites in New York State by J. W. Ocker (A curious and sometimes snarky guide to crime scenes, horror film locations, and more)

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (After hearing lots of praise from all corners about this book, I decided that I had to check it out.  Well, I love mysteries, and I love unreliable narrators, so I love this book to pieces!  I think this is a great choice for reading, discussing, and dissecting.)

William and the Lost Spirit by Gwen de Bonneval & Matthieu Bonhomme (A teen graphic novel in which the title character goes on a magical adventure while trying to find his father.  This book is especially notable because the illustrations are lovely, because William learns a lot of hard lessons about how characters’ appearances are often deceptive, and …  because Prester John plays an important role in this story!)

Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made by Stephan Pastis (An illustrated book for older children in the spirit of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, written and illustrated by the creator of the Pearls Before Swine comic strip.  Yes, I ordered this book because I’m a big Pearls Before Swine fan, but the more I read this book the more I loved the sarcastic wit, the cute pictures, and the toughest librarian this side of the Pecos.

Flo the Librarian

Check out the Timmy Failure website to learn more!)