Today I headed out to Queens for my first-ever visit to Long Island City to attend a meeting.  Most of my time in the neighborhood was spent walking to and from the subway station and the building where we were meeting … except for the part where I got lost getting out of the subway station and walked in the wrong direction for several  blocks before I realized my mistake.  Oops.

But anyway, let’s see what I can learn about a city in less than ten blocks …

Sunnyside Train Yards

Here we see the Sunnyside train yards, so named because … well, I don’t know, really.  I mean, it’s not like most train yards are filled with light and happiness.


And here we see … uh-oh.  A “DANGER LIVE WIRE” sign.  One of about ten that I passed on my walk.  Which begs the question … wait … are the live wires down in the train yards, and you’re warning me not to venture down there?  Or are the live wires hidden somewhere near my feet, and I’ll be electrocuted if I’m not careful?

Walking Across the Queens Boulevard Bridge

This is the most scenic picture I took this morning.  I’m on the Queens Boulevard Bridge, with a view of a tall metal structure, a shiny building, overhead train tracks, and yet another sign warning me of my imminent death by electrocution.

Looking Up at the Train Tracks

This is a shot of the overhead train tracks, where the #7 train runs.  This is also kind of pretty in an industrial way.


As you walk across the bridge, there’s a colorful knee-high mural that runs the length of the bridge.  Here is a sign explaining the concept of the mural (called NYCamo), but unfortunately the sign is attached to an open barrier that is filled with garbage.

We Cannot Escape Reminders of Manhattan

The blessing or the curse of being in an outer borough is that you get some of the best views of Manhattan from there, and can appreciate the skyline better than the people who are on the island.  When I got to the subway station to go back to Manhattan, I saw yet another reminder of that enticing skyline view.