I go back and forth between posting pictures here and on my Flickr account, and lately I’ve been falling behind on both.  So let me catch up now with some pictures I took over the last few weeks:

Frosty Crosswalk in Riverdale

I was leaving my mother’s place when I saw this crosswalk sign.  I love the icicles, the snow, the windswept clouds, the blue sky, and the weathervane atop PS 81.

IFC Sign

Well, this picture wouldn’t mean a lot to most people, but it means a lot to me because it represents an accomplishment.  Because for the last several years, I always PLANNED to go downtown to see the oscar-nominated animated short films, but this year I actually got up and went!  And on a related note, definitely check out the “Adam and Dog” film if you get a chance — it’s beautifully done, and it made me tear up at the end.  

Joke Writer and Dog Run in Washington Square Park

After watching the films at IFC, I wandered around Washington Square Park looking for interesting things to photograph.  I mean, you can take dozens of pictures of the arch, but what else is there to photograph?  Well, I saw a guy who was selling jokes (?)  for a dollar each (???) and decided to photograph him.  Since I was using my iPod Touch and not my fancy camera with the fancy zoom lens, I took a wider shot of the joke-seller and the dog run so that it wouldn’t be so obvious that I was really trying to take a picture of him.

WSP Arch

The arch, as seen from inside the park.  I’m going to have to come back with my big camera some day so I can use my zoom lens and get more closeups of the arch details.

Looking Through the Arch

From outside the park, looking in.  There are interesting details on this side of the arch, too (especially the statues), but I like the look of the dark arch framing the lighter sky.

Independent Subway System

Ah, yes.  The “Independent Subway System.”  I love finding old signs that show what things used to be called, like the IRT for example.

Silhouette of a Tree at Dusk

Sometimes, trees look more beautiful in the winter than they do in the summer.  Or, to put it another way, this tree ALWAYS looks like this.  But we can only see it in the winter when all the leaves are gone.

Xocolatti Truffles

I was looking for some more unusual things to put into my boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day bag.  I mean, yes, there would be Peeps (the man does love Peeps), but I was looking for some more exotic options.  Behold a set of nine truffles from a lovely little chocolate shop on Prince Street called Xocolatti, featuring far-out flavors from the “uncommon collection” including pineapple, basil-olive oil, rose cardamom, and sake.  Yes, they do have normal flavors, too.  But if you want to eat outside the box, as it were, check out the uncommon collection!

Love Bites Cookie Tin

Okay, it was a big Valentine’s Day bag.  I needed more stuff to fill it up.   A block away from the chocolate shop was a Payard bakery, and I know that they’re good at making chocolates because I’ve bought stuff from them at the New York Chocolate Show in the past.  I wandered around looking at their Valentine’s Day gift options for a while, before finally settling on these cookies.  When I brought them to the counter and the staff members started discussing amongst themselves how much they loved these cookies (and making happy groaning noises), I knew I’d made a good choice.

H Mart Sweets

Today my boyfriend took me on a long-awaited trip to the H Mart, a Korean supermarket that carries TONS of Asian food.  I actually took so many pictures there that I’m going to create a huge Flickr set based just on this trip to this store (who says I have no life?)  Anyway, they have lots of food in lots of forms — fresh, dried, refrigerated, frozen, etc.  I definitely recommend visiting an H Mart if there’s one near you, and you should DEFINITELY bring enough money so that you can afford both the things you need and the things you didn’t realize you needed because you didn’t know they existed!