This evening I got the results of the fingerprinting / background check I had done several months ago in order to be allowed to conduct class visits in schools again.   Anyway, guess what?  I’m not a criminal!  Woo-Hoo!  I wasn’t surprised by the results, especially since I’d had a background check at a previous job and hadn’t committed any crimes since then.  What DID surprise me was the length of time that it took to get the results.  I haven’t been able to conduct class visits or even set foot in any of my local public schools for over two months, which is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS.  Oh, and FWIW we were notified of our results through a cc’d email, instead of a bcc’d email.  Which kind of flies in the face of the whole “only you and your supervisor will know your results” idea.

In other news, the library higher-ups have made several decisions recently that will reduce the number of programs we can offer and will cause attendance at our programs to drop.  Which is more than a little awkward, especially since we are constantly under pressure to offer more programs and increase our attendance.  This seems to be the legal equivalent of looking around at a library building, seeing all the blind spots and places where patrons can hurt themselves, and asking, “Did you even THINK of consulting a librarian on this?”

Also, there have been a bunch of staff cuts recently, with a slew of new ones yet to come.  And so, our support system continues to erode.  This ain’t good, folks …