The one good thing about having to leave my cozy apartment in the freezing cold to go to work is getting to take pictures of the snow!

Frozen Trees, Shoveled Sidewalks

Frozen trees, shoveled sidewalks, and a very cautious walk downhill.

Enormous Tree in Isham Park

An enormous tree in Isham Park.  I love the effect of the dark tree bark against the white snow and the white sky.

Windshield Wipers

I was very confused when I saw the windshield wipers sticking out of the snow, which is why I took the picture in the first place.  My boyfriend later explained that people sometimes pull their windshield wipers out like this so the wipers don’t freeze on the windshields.

Snow-Covered Rocks

Cover these rocks with snow, and they’ve never looked prettier!

Ad on the Side of the Bus

Between the giant snowdrifts and the icy deep pools of freezing cold water and slush, it was hard enough to get on and off the buses today.  Combine that with the fact that not one but TWO buses were blocking my bus stop on my way home, and it was even more challenging.  And to add insult to injury, I had to stand there shivering while Curtis Sliwa smiled at me from the side of a bus.

Mysterious Shapes Through My Bus Window

After a snowstorm in New York, the snow combines with dirt on the buses and dries in such a way that looking through a bus window is like looking through cheesecloth.  I like looking through windows like these, because it makes everything outside seem mysterious and otherworldly.