It’s been a busy week.  Way too many short-staffed days, way too many short-tempered patrons.  I guess I should be grateful that the day two grown women started yelling at each other at the service desk (the wackier of the two was using words like “racist” and “crackhead” WAY too freely) was not the same day that I was simultaneously hit by four different requests at the same time while I was working at the desk.  Which usually wouldn’t be so bad, except in order for me to help everyone who needed it I needed to be in four different places at once.  The highlight was when the teenagers who had just seen me mopping up a spill (problem #4) greeted me as I unlocked the program room with, “You’re two minutes late!”

I am not embarassed to admit that I growled at them, Dear Readers.  And then I told them that my last shred of patience was gone, and that they needed to be both patient and quiet if they wanted to come to my games program.

I had a longer post in mind, but I’m tired out from a long day of eating chips and chicken wings and toasted sandwiches.  Now it’s back to the game (okay, I mean back to the commercials).  They’re still debating what caused the power outage at the Superdome.  I suspect it had something to do with Beyonce’s halftime show.  Didn’t she say something about having her fans direct their energy towards her?  Well, that’s my best guess for now.