So, after two different vet visits and over $400 in medical and pharmacy bills, it’s been determined that my cat has bullous keratopathy and uveitis in both of his eyes.  Basically, he’s having problems with his corneas that are similar to the problem I had several years ago when I had a corneal ulcer caused by problems inside my eye (rather than getting whacked in the face with a tree branch, or something).  It also turns out that it’s a problem that FIV+ cats sometimes get.  So now my boyfriend and I are working in tandem several times a day to put drops and ointments into his eye, and adding different supplements into his canned food.  We’re bringing him back to BluePearl for a follow-up visit with the opthamologist next week to check on his progress.  And THEN, when the problem with his eye is all cleared up, we still have to schedule a dental extraction.

Poor Kitty.  On the plus side, though, at least he doesn’t have to deal with the collar anymore.

Anyway, between going back and forth to different vet visits, I had to reschedule my Wednesday chiropractor visit for Friday and there wasn’t enough time for several of my “wandering around Manhattan” expeditions.  So Friday morning I went to the chiropractor, then headed downtown to see 56 Up, and then two hours and 40 minutes later (oof!) left the theater to go take some pictures of Washington Square Park.  EXCEPT … it was dark and it was raining.  So it turns out that I lugged my big camera downtown for nothing.  Instead, I bypassed the park and headed east over to the brick-and-mortar headquarters of one of my favorite food trucks EVER, Porchetta.

Porchetta Entrance

I walked in planning to buy a couple of porchetta sandwiches, but was momentarily distracted by a sign promoting a special sandwich — the Lebanese Pressed Chicken Sandwich — and then decided to get a couple of those, as well.  Note to fans of the sandwiches available on the Porchetta trucks:  Those sandwiches are served on small rolls, which is why they’re $5 each.  The ones at the store are on full-sized rolls, so they’re $10 each.  So keep that in mind before you order.  That being said, I am unable to resist the lure of porchetta in any size, shape, or form …


So while my photography expeditions will have to be rescheduled for a future vacation, Kitty is on the road to wellness and the three of us were able to share some delightful dinners from Eataly and Porchetta.  Plus I caught up with a LOT of movies, which will be the topic of a future post.

Oh, and to sign off with two things that entertained me online this week, please enjoy The White House response to the petition to build a Death Star and a bunch of baby otters bouncing around and squeaking!  EEEEEK!!!