I’ll be catching up with laundry, because I’m a grownup and that’s the kind of thing I have to do on vacations nowadays.

I’ll be catching up with movies and TV — stuff on my Netflix queue, stuff from the pile of DVDs I checked out from the library, stuff on Hulu, AND I will actually go downtown and see a movie in a theater!  That’s because the documentary 56 Up is only showing at the IFC Center.  I first heard of the Up documentary series beginning with Seven Up several years ago, and at that time I checked out a bunch of videos to catch up with the series.  The first movie, which came out in 1964, was supposed to explore the lives of a group of English school children from different backgrounds.  But then it became a much larger project, revisiting those same children every seven years and bringing viewers along to experience the ups and downs of the subjects’ lives.  If you’d like to catch up with the series yourself, they’re avaialable on Netflix Instant!

Seven Up

I’ll also be catching up with books, both for teens and grownups.  I’ve been doing more reading lately, and I’m overdue on putting up a post about some of those books, so I should have lots of material for some book review posts very soon.

Speaking of which, I need to update my reading log and my reviews on Goodreads, because I haven’t updated my account in MONTHS.  I’m not saying that I’m necessarily going to get that done this week; I’m just saying that I need to get that done … at some point …

I want to wander around some different neighborhoods taking pictures and posting them on Flickr.  And on a related note, I have a small backlog of pictures that I still need to post.

I’ll also do some more cooking (I have a new short rib recipe I want to try), and I want to do some prepared-food shopping, as well.  So that at the end of the day, I’ll either be able to say, “This was made with much love!” or “This was bought with much love!”  I mean, as long as love is involved it’s okay, right?