Saturday morning my boyfriend and I went to Home Depot to get some shelves to put up in my mother’s apartment, specifically in my brother’s room, because he needs more space for his stuff.  After spending way too much time picking out shelves and brackets that were the right number, the right size, and in colors that matched each other, we went to get some really good pizza on the way to my mom’s place.

Then we got to her apartment and entered my brother’s room for the first time in a very long time, which gave me an unusual view into his psyche.  I’m not going to say that he’s a hoarder exactly, but … well, he has quite a lot of STUFF.  For example, while I didn’t have the patience or the mental fortitude to count how many DVDs and music CDs he has (while I was moving piles of them to clear a work space), I did notice something else.

So … let me ask you something, Dear Readers.  How many cans of Axe Body Spray should you have in your room?  Keep in mind that you might want to have different scents to match your different moods, and that you might want to have a backup can or two just in case you run out.  Well, if your answer to that question is “over 25 cans,” then you and my brother have something in common.  Which I’m pretty sure is not a good thing.

Anyway, over the next half hour my boyfriend put up the shelves while I handed him screws and tools, walked to different parts of the room to tell him if everything looked level (and how to adjust it if it didn’t), and counted my brother’s cans of Axe Body Spray.

Then we went home to relax for a little while before heading downtown to see an evening screening of The Hobbit.  But then my boyfriend got a call that his father was in the hospital, so he went to the hospital while I went downtown (it wasn’t a stroke, as we feared, but his father is still under observation right now).

So I got off the subway, and immediately saw a bunch of people walking around dressed as Santa Claus.  Like, a dozen people all at once.  And then as I walked down the street to get something quick for dinner I saw more, and more, and more.  I mean, it was really weird.  They were EVERYWHERE.

Santas in Times Square

It turns out that there was something called SantaCon going on this weekend, but I just discovered this a few minutes ago.  Otherwise my two main theories were either that a movie was being filmed or this was just before or after a Santa-themed flash mob.

So I got to the theater, handed over my Fandango printout showing that I had purchased two tickets to a 2-D showing of The Hobbit, and … the guy scanned my ticket and gave me my 3-D glasses.  I explained that I’d ordered 2-D tickets (because of my dizziness issues, although I didn’t tell him that), but he told me that I was booked for a 3-D theater.  And that’s when I knew that the next two hours and 50 minutes were going to feel even longer than I expected.  BTW, I wrote to Fandango, and their representative agreed that I did purchase 2-D tickets and that they were “unsure” why they registered as 3-D tickets.  They recommended that I contact the theater directly, and I’m still waiting for a response from them.

Anyway, I watched the entire film, but I periodically had to close my eyes for five or ten seconds at a time whenever I started feeling dizzy.  Oh, and that 48 frames-per-second thing?  You should avoid it at all costs, especially if you have dizziness issues.  Otherwise, it was good but not great.  It also wasn’t really the story of The Hobbit.  But if you take one reasonably-sized novel and spread out its content over nine hours of film, there’s going to be a certain amount of padding that’s not in the original book.  Maybe they should have called it The Hobbit 2.0?

Today I mostly did stuff around the house, then I joined a podcast discussion about The Hobbit (which was why I had to see it on opening weekend), and then I did some shopping and had dinner.

Tomorrow’s my free day, because I have teen programs going on at the library EVERY OTHER DAY this week.  Which means that by Saturday night I should be completely and utterly burnt out.  So all I have to do now is figure out something fulfilling and fun to do tomorrow …