Since I had two days off in a row and needed to take my mind off of things, I filled up my time by …

Going out to the movies.  I went to see Hitchcock, which wasn’t a perfect movie (one conceit in particular didn’t always work for me), but I still found it very enjoyable.  The scene of Hitchcock’s reaction to the audience watching Psycho for the first time was absoultely priceless!  Oh, and now that I’ve seen this film, I want to read the book that it was based on AND I want to watch Psycho again.


Going to yet another holiday market, this time the market at Columbus Circle.  I went in the evening, on my way back from watching Hitchcock, and it looked very pretty all lit up as the sun was going down.  I ended up browsing through the kind of stuff I usually buy, but had in fact purchased earlier at the Union Square holiday market.  I did buy some great stuff for dinner there — a brisket and short rib sandwich (with “dragon sauce” and pickled onions) from Mayhem & Stout, and a crepe with bananas and chocolate from  La Crepe.

Columbus Circle Holiday Market

Watching movies at home.  I caught up with some DVDs I’d checked out, namely Our Town (which made me cry) and Brave (which also made me cry).  Okay, granted, Our Town made me cry a lot more.  You know, I was in a production of Our Town when I was in college, and it always surprised us when we saw audience members crying at the end of the play.  Of course, it’s a very different perspective if you’re a cast member looking out at the audience from the cemetery or an audience member thinking about your own mortality.

Our Town

Going to a live podcast taping.  Tonight we went to The Bell House in Brooklyn to see a live recording of the How Did This Get Made? podcast.  They were discussing the Jennifer Lopez / John Voight classic film Anaconda (yay!) with special guest star Michael Ian Black (yay!!!)  We had a lot of fun at the show, and also got to sample some of the local cuisine while we were in the neighborhood — some lovely coffees and a piece of salted caramel apple pie at Four and Twenty Blackbirds.

Anyway, so that’s how I kept busy.  Tomorrow I go back to work, where the patrons will keep me busy enough.