Chaos in my boyfriend’s family is on the downswing.  Which means that in order to balance out the universe, chaos in MY family is on the upswing.  On Sunday afternoon, my boyfriend and I will be visiting my mother’s apartment for stage one of that favor I mentioned yesterday.  Which means that by Sunday evening, I will be in need of a stiff drink.

Due to a confluence of varied ailments, we have been very VERY short-staffed this week.  Working on the daily schedule has been an exercise in frustration, and everyone’s workloads have become just THAT much heavier.

And speaking of ailments, my sore throat and congestion of the last few days have been getting increasingly irritating.  I am now fighting an uphill battle using zinc and lots of fluids as my primary weapons.

During my latest Teen Advisory Group meeting, my middle-schoolers and high-schoolers were facing off against each other in a friendly but … um … spirited conversation about how they were so different from each other because they were so far apart in age.  I made the mistake of chiming into the conversation with the year I was born (because I thought it would give them a sense of perspective), and one of the 7th graders looked at me in astonishment and said, “Wow!  You’re older than my Mom!”  I smiled politely and suggested that we move on to another subject.

And finally, the rumor about one of our higher-ups being replaced by a decidedly evil woman has now been UN-confirmed.  So once again, we don’t know if the replacement person will be lawful good, chaotic evil, or somewhere in between.  Fingers crossed, Dear Readers!