Sometimes a career in public library service is entertaining, sometimes it’s intellectually fulfilling, sometimes it’s emotionally uplifting.  Other times … not so much.  Over the last week, these are some of the things I did at work, in no particular order:

  • Put new rolls of toilet paper into the staff and public restrooms.  These new rolls would be the ones that the staff have been buying at local stores, because the library’s toilet paper supply ran out over a week ago.
  • Let a colleague (who had been out buying toilet paper) into the building, and explained to the boys who had been waiting in front of the building that we weren’t open yet.  I felt that I needed to explain this to them because they both tried to stick their feet in the doorway as I was pulling the door shut.  Oh, and my colleague had told them that we weren’t open yet about five seconds before I did.
  • Explained to these boys a few minutes after we opened our doors that they would need their library cards to make internet appointments.  That just because a staff member let them use a guest pass once did not mean that they could automatically get guest passes every day.
  • Put in a request for an exterminator visit.  The house centipedes have returned in force, and appeared to be having a family reunion near one of our drains.
  • Helped a patron who was looking for teen dystopian fiction.  In fact, recommended so many books that he had to put some back because he couldn’t carry all of them.
  • Helped a little girl look for books about fairies and princesses.  Was briefly bewildered by her mother’s comment about looking for princesses who weren’t “so girly.”  Finally replied, “Well, I’m sure it’s hard NOT to be girly when you’re wearing a tiara!”
  • Made the mistake of walking within the sight line of someone who wanted computer help on my way down to the children’s room.  Was late getting to the patrons I was supposed to be helping because the guy on the computer kept asking follow-up questions like, “Why should I use print preview?” “How does that work?” “What did you just do?” and (my personal favorite) “Does it ALWAYS take this long?”
  • Cleaned off several smears and spots of (presumably) menstrual blood from the toilet in the women’s public restroom.  No, I only wish I was kidding about that one.