Well, in case any of you were thinking of checking out the new Ken Burns documentary The Dust Bowl on PBS, I give you fair warning: have some tissues handy.

Okay, let me put it this way … if you’re the kind of person who cries once or twice a decade (like my boyfriend) (who when he reads this will probably be ticked off that I’m implying that he even cries THAT often), then you probably won’t cry.  But if you’re a more sensitive person (like me) who cries while watching 30-second Youtube videos of soldiers coming home to their families, while reading “Harrison Bergeron,” or while watching Hallmark commercials designed to tug on the heartstrings, OMG get the tissues ready!  I cried FOUR TIMES while watching this documentary tonight, and this is just the first half!  Tomorrow will probably be just as cheery.


Photo by Arthur Rothstein – A car is chased by a “black blizzard” in the Texas Panhandle, March 1936.

That being said, as with Ken Burns’ previous documentaries, this film is really well put together and very informative.  I probably learned more about the Dust Bowl over the last two hours than I learned over the last decade.  And that’s in spite of the fact that I kept dragging my eyes away from the TV screen on purpose to look at my Angry Birds Star Wars game instead, either because I felt like I was about to cry or because my boyfriend warned me by saying things like, “Oh, I’ve seen what happens with the rabbits.  You’d better not look.”  This being an educated guess from a man who has spent over a decade watching me cry over Hallmark commercials.  And yes, the fate of the rabbits was one of several things that made me cry in this incredibly moving film.

So, hey!  Part two is coming up tomorrow night!  Get ready!