No public transportation means public schools will be closed, and that usually means the public libraries will be closed, too …



Well, now I have an extra day off this week, which I sorely need since I only had a one-day weekend.

The funny thing was, we had already decided to go to Home Depot today to look for a light bulb (my boyfriend ordered a brand-new lamp, and everything survived the shipment except for the light bulb, which was broken).  I kept saying, “You know, a LOT of people might be going to Home Depot today …” and wouldn’t you know it, there wasn’t even any room in the parking lot!  So we turned back and drove to Target, which was also very crowded as evidenced by the fact that every single shopping cart was being used.  We ran through and grabbed just enough necessities to be under the wire for the express line, and got some pizza for lunch.

Now we’re at home and relaxing with the cat.  Tomorrow will be much the same, except for additional bouts of staring out the window and saying, “Hey Honey, come look at THIS!”

Anyway, everyone in Hurricane Sandy’s path please stay as safe and dry as possible!