Saturday morning, we drove down (over?) to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to see what fancy foodstuffs that Smorgasburg had to offer.  We got there early and spent some time wandering around Williamsburg, walking by the water and looking at the Manhattan skyline.

Then we entered Smorgasburg and bought a bunch of stuff we’ve tried before — coffee from Blue Bottle, brisket sandwiches from Mighty Quinn’s, sandwiches from Porchetta — and also tried some new stuff — hash browns from Hash, tacos from Takumi Taco, burgers from Dumont Burger, sauce from Sunday Gravy, and some Right Tasty Ramp Vinaigrette.

Then we took a short trip over to the Greenpoint neighborhood, where I traditionally buy weird eastern-European canned food products for my mother.  I’m not sure if the reason she loves this stuff is because she spent a decade of her life looking forward to the Spam that her family received in CARE packages while they lived in a displaced-persons camp.  But in any case, if it’s some kind of nitrate-laden meat that comes in a can, my mother loves it to pieces.  The stuff I bought her yesterday will be going into her birthday and Christmas gift bags, and she will be happier about that stuff than anything else I pick out for her.

I wasn’t sure exactly where to go food shopping in Greenpoint.  Previously I’d bought food for my mother at Rachel’s Corner, but a little while ago my boyfriend had sent me this article about a place called Green Farms Supermarket, so we decided to go there first.

After we shopped there, my boyfriend was in the mood to buy some Polish meats.  We both like kielbasa, and my ex-boyfriend (who was of the Polish persuasion) had introduced me to the sausage known as kabanosy, so we were looking for a good place where we could find those sausages and more.  The first place we tried was so packed that the line was almost going out the door.  But I remembered that just down the street from Rachel’s Corner was a place called Steve’s Meat Market whose sign claimed that it had the “Best Kielbasy in the USA.”  So we went there to stock up on meats, and after trying several generous samples from the butcher, we bought some kabanosy, some garlic kielbasa, and some double-smoked kielbasa.

So I set some of those sausages aside for my mother, and we’re going to have some of them for dinner tonight along with some corn we bought at our local farmer’s market.

Plus, I got some European Angel Wings (aka Chrusciki) for me and some Polish cow candies to share with my coworkers next week.  Over all, we got a great haul of delicious stuff!