Went to the chiropractor.

Bought some gelato for us to have after dinner tonight.

Did three loads of laundry.

Caught up with some podcasts while on the bus and while doing laundry.

Started playing the recently-released “Manos” The Hands of Fate game on my iPod Touch.  I can’t seem to stop dying!

Weeded and rearranged a lot of clothes in preparation for filling up our second new chest of drawers (after my boyfriend finishes assembling it).

Recorded / edited / posted a podcast episode.

Replaced color ink cartridges and ordered new ones.

Watched a cool and creepy documentary about H.H. Holmes that we bought in Chicago.

Now I’m waiting for my boyfriend to come home so we can have dinner and then enjoy that gelato.  I’m also brainstorming two upcoming blog posts — a Chicago wrap-up post and a “Who’s sitting behind the service desk at the library?” post.  Stay tuned!