The summer reading club party is over.  We had a small group, which means that each of the kids got more prizes than usual, and which also means that I have a lot more work to do on Tuesday when I pack up bags for the kids who missed the party.

We had our Filipino dinner on Friday, and the food lived up to my expectations.  We had the lumpia rolls which were some of my favorite things, I had Filipino fried chicken (and sampled peanut butter sauce, steak, and a taro waffle), and we shared a coconut pudding and some exotic ice creams (Cheese? Taro?)  Oh, and I washed the food down with a Tang Mimosa.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  While the food at Maharlika was very good, the ambiance was less than stellar.  Not enough air conditioning, and the music was so loud that we had a lot of trouble hearing the waitress or each other.  Granted, we had a nice chair-dancing moment while we were grooving to (Keep Feeling) Fascination by The Human League.  But still, it would have been nice to actually hear each other.

I made breakfast today for the first time in AGES.  Well, we’d gone to the farmer’s market on Saturday and we sampled some turkey breakfast sausage that I just HAD to try.  We had it with sourdough toast and scrambled eggs, and I was very content.

We went to Ikea to get two new chests of drawers to replace my old one.  Today we put one of them together (well, my boyfriend did 98% of the work, but I helped!) and I’ve been transferring my clothes into the shiny new furniture.

I finished putting up the last of my Chicago pictures on Flickr today.  I put up over 200 pictures over the weekend, but keep in mind that I had almost 1000 that I’d transferred from my camera to my computer.  All the selecting, captioning, linking websites, etc.  kept me busy, busy, busy.

Still need to do some podcast work.  Still need to do some library work.  Still need to do some laundry.