We’ve spent the last few days readjusting from vacation mode into work mode, and dealing with the unnerving sensation of coming back to an apartment where someone else (my boyfriend’s daughter) was living for the last week.  Our reactions have varied from Why did she use THOSE towels instead of the brand-new ones we left out for her? to Why is my coffee cup overflowing?  Ohhhhh, she reset the cup size on our Keurig machine! to Please God, tell me she didn’t have sex with her boyfriend on our couch!

You know, the usual stuff.

I want to write a more comprehensive blog post about Chicago, as well as put up a ton of pictures on Flickr.  But I want to put up some older pictures first, and I haven’t gotten around to doing that yet, so now I’m just in limbo mode until I get the motivation to catch up with the tasks I’ve assigned for myself.

Today I went to set up for my teen game program, and discovered that one of the major components had been stolen from the box, making the game basically inoperable.  I want to say “Heads are gonna roll,” but what I really mean is, “When I find the person who did this, I’m going to hang said person off of the roof of our library by his or her ankles until he or she convinces me that he or she is REALLY VERY SINCERELY SORRY ABOUT DOING THAT.”

In the meantime, though, we have to wait and see if a replacement game is in the library’s budget.  Would anybody like to start taking bets???

This afternoon we were subjected to one of the loudest programs I’ve ever heard in a library setting.  Note to performers:  Please decide whether or not you actually need an amplifier for a program in a public library’s open space, and if you feel that you DO need one (like if the people sitting between two and ten feet away from you have stuffed cotton in their ears and wouldn’t be able to hear you otherwise), then would you please consider TURNING THE DAMNED THING DOWN, PLEASE???

I’ve spent the last several days shopping for my summer reading club party, which promises to be an event to be remembered.  Okay, if previous years are any indication, it promises to begin with my teens diving for the refreshments like hyenas tearing apart a dead zebra, and end with a rush for the prize table like … well, it’s kind of the same thing, really.  On the plus side, all that rushing usually means we finish earlier than usual, and I have some time to decompress afterwards.

We’re going out to dinner with the Geek Patrol at a Filipino restaurant, so I emailed Cara (one of my oldest friends, and coincidentally someone of the Filipino persuasion) for some pointers and recommendations about what we should order and/or avoid.  Armed with her extremely thorough notes (Thanks, Dear!) we should have a cool new dining experience ahead of us.

The rest of the weekend, we’ll be decompressing and catching up with stuff like laundry, reading, writing my next podcast episode (two words: CORE CURRICULUM), finishing (finally?) the editing process on our last collaborative podcast effort, and cat snuggling.  Hooray for three-day weekends!!!