Earlier this week we dealt with some busy schedules, crappy weather, programs that ran long for all the right reasons, and some irritated and irrational patrons.  Then today …

I had a focus group meeting this morning about class visits — planning, training, and support.  When the meeting let out half an hour late, I was trying to find a restroom before I left to go back to my branch.  As I was walking through the hallway looking for a restroom, I ran into a higher-up who suggested that I come along to ANOTHER meeting (this one shorter and less formal) about the summer reading website.  So instead I detoured to that meeting, which actually turned out to be very helpful regarding some questions about creating and awarding badges for my teen readers.

For future reference, if you want to create badges for a particular age group, you (representing your branch) have to log in to the summer reading website checking off that age group DURING THE LOGIN PROCESS.  So apparently I spent an hour earlier this week creating a bunch of new badges … for adults instead of teens.  And if you want to create a badge that can be awarded to any age group, you need to create that badge THREE TIMES — once signed in checking off the “children” category, once signed in as a “teen,” and once signed in as an “adult.”  Who knew???

Anyway, while we were having that conversation I used my iPod Touch to email my coworkers to let them know that I would be late getting back to the branch.  Then we finished talking, I found the restroom, I bought lunch, went home to share my lunch with the cat, went to work, and immediately started covering the public service desk.  Then it was time for my break, followed by my XBox Kinect program (my teenagers started acting like five-year-olds when I told them we wouldn’t be meeting next week because I was going to be on vacation), and then it was time to go home.  At which point I changed my clothes to go downtown, where my boyfriend and I had dinner and went to the Rifftrax Live show.

And there was much rejoicing 🙂

Then we went home, where I made coffee and started packing for our trip.  Man, it’s been a crazy day!

Anyway, I’ve been spending much of this week going through the piles of books and DVDs that have been taking up space on my home desk and my work desk for the last several months.  So, there’s been a lot of, “Okay, I won’t have time for this, or this, or this, or THIS …”  And I’ve just been checking lots of stuff in and either putting things back on our shelves or filling holds throughout my library system.  It’s kind of a cleansing feeling, actually.  Kind of like putting my life through a kind of triage.

Anyway, I might get to write another post tomorrow, but if not then I’ll probably be out of touch for a while.  Unless something truly fabulous happens, like I discover that my hotel has an especially superb bathtub, or something.  Then I might write a post or two from Chicago.  In any case, I’ll have lots of stories and pictures when I get back.

So, I’m taking any last-minute recommendations for stuff to do in Chicago.  We booked a river architecture tour cruise, a lunch cruise on Lake Michigan, and a pizza-and-cocktails tour.  We plan to try traditional Chicago hot dogs, and definitely visit the Field Museum.  So … what else should we do???