Yesterday we went downtown to walk along the closed-off sections of Lafayette and Park Avenues.  We started down at the southern end of the walk at Foley Square, and then walked uptown, ending at 42nd Street at Grand Central Station.  It took several hours for us to cover those three miles because we detoured periodically.  We walked around the various rest stops along the way and photographed the different activities going on, and we walked through the farmer’s market at Union Square and stopped for a really nice brunch at The Coffee Shop.  When we got to Grand Central, we bought some sandwiches to bring home for dinner at the Tri-Tip Grill, and then we took the Metro-North train to get home.

Then we got home, I took a two-minute shower to get several hours’ worth of sweat and humidity and dust off of me, and then I promptly fell asleep for several hours.  Then we recorded a discussion of a John Carradine movie that went very well, and then I bounced around on mental adrenaline for a while until I finally fell asleep.

Today the only thing I have to do is go to my mother’s place for my weekly visit in which I drop off stuff (books / DVDs / food) and do stuff (fill out deposits slips / balance her checkbook / etc.)  Other than that, I’ll be taking it easy today.  I’ll catch up with some podcasts and maybe a book or two, and check out the Olympic closing ceremonies tonight (it’s been on in the background for the last two weeks, so I’ve caught bits and pieces of everything along the way).

Then one more week of work, and then … we’re off to Chicago!!!  Woo-Hoo!!!