First, the bad stuff:

We’ve had such a resurgence in problem patron behavior that the only reasonable explanation is that the moon must be stuck in full-on “lunatic” mode.  Should I bring up the teenager who attacked our security guard after being thrown out of the library?  Or the mentally disturbed woman who thinks that the cameras are following her / patrons are bothering her / STAFF are poking at her?  Or the out-of-control brothers who showed up at one of my teen programs this week and spent the time they were supposed to be “acting” and “improvising” actually “screeching” and “yelling”?  Or how about the guy who kept yelling at me about how I should look up his library card number for him even though he had no ID or other way to prove who he was, just because HE DIDN’T HAVE ANY POCKETS TO CARRY HIS ID IN?

I recently discovered that someone I dated while I was in college and who, later, turned out to be a schmuck of the highest caliber, gained internet notoriety for some more schmuck-like behavior years later.  Except in the first instance, the only people who knew he was a schmuck were me, him (I’m assuming he could admit it to himself), and the friends I informed that someone had posted a major untruth about me online.  Did I mention that he used my real name, but used a nickname for himself?  That was a big part of the schmuckiness.  Anyway, in the second instance (at least the second instance that *I* discovered, which popped up on my screen a few days ago when I was internet surfing about the history of sexual harassment at sci-fi conventions), his behavior was observed / discussed / argued to death by lots and LOTS of people.  My reaction when I read the link varied between “Huh, small world!” and “It figures,” with a healthy dose of “Hmmm.  Still a schmuck, I see …”

I’m still behind on some deadlines I missed while I was sick, but I’m starting to catch up with stuff.  My progress is not as fast as I’d like, though.

We got some bad news about one of my fellow podcasters who is having his own health issues, so we’re going to make some changes this month that will hopefully be temporary rather than permanent.

And now, the good stuff:

My health is still not at 100% yet, but it’s definitely a LOT better.  The combined effects of the medications I’m taking is that now my head still feels a little cloudy, but I’m not actually suffering from vertigo anymore.  I’ve slept in my bed for the last two nights now instead of in that damned recliner, and that has been an enormous relief.

My teen summer reading club has been going very well.  Okay, the setup of the club and the club’s website is much different than before, which means I don’t have the same ability to keep track of my club members’ progress that I used to.  But the kids who have been attending my summer reading club meetings, especially the girls, have been a lot of fun to hang out with.  I can’t tell you how nice it is, after most of my public service hours are spent doing mindless stuff like checking material in and out or antagonizing stuff like dealing with irate patrons, to actually have one hour a week to meet with my teens and just TALK ABOUT BOOKS!  It’s one of the only things I do that still makes me feel like a librarian.