So this has been a busy morning.

Okay, here’s what my primary care person was able to do for me: tell me that my blood pressure was not an issue, tell me to drink more fluids to loosen up the crap in my head, tell me that my condition wasn’t dire enough to require surgery, take my blood for testing, give me prescriptions and recommendations for over-the-counter stuff at the pharmacy, and give me a referral for an ENT specialist.

So now I’m home having lunch and taking my meds.  I’m taking nasal decongestant pills (pseudophedrine) that were available over the counter, but which required me to sign a statement saying that I wasn’t going to … I guess sell them to minors or grind them up into something else.  I’m taking shots from the (corticosteroid) Flonase nasal inhaler.  And I’m taking an anti-dizziness medication (antivert) that has big warnings on the bottle about drowsiness and how I should use care “when operating a car or dangerous machines.”  Exactly what kinds of dangerous machines do they think I might be operating?  A tractor?  A train?  A lawnmower?

I called the number for the ENT specialist, naively opening my calendar for the next week to see when we could fit this into my schedule.  Then the receptionist said that she wasn’t available until November, and I suddenly had a new reason to fall off of my chair.  So anyway, presuming that I haven’t keeled over between now and then, I’ll be seeing the specialist during my vacation week in November.

Okay, so now I’m going to attempt to finish writing the book reviews that I was supposed to submit online yesterday but I was too knocked out to do so.  Let’s see if I can do it before the sleepy side effects of my medications kick in …